Author | Jeb Bohn | United States
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The Hangman's Soliloquy

Coming 4/10/20

Justice begets vengeance begets insanity.

It’s been six months since the destruction of QNI’s headquarters. The aftermath has thrown Herman Ingram into a tailspin. Lauded as a hero for his part in exposing the company’s corruption, he finds himself struggling to maintain his sanity.

As he’s pushed closer to his breaking point, he is recruited by Greg Schultz, a former QNI executive, to document the illicit demolition of the corporations remaining installations. Schultz is intelligent and driven but something darker is taking hold of his mind.

When people begin dying, Herman wonders whether the company is trying to protect their few remaining assets or if the charismatic Schultz is behind it all. Can he find the truth before more people are killed or will he follow Schultz’ descent into madness?

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Blood isn't the only thing in the water...

Herman Ingram is a journalist whose highest aspiration is exposing the truth. Driven from a high-profile job in Washington, D.C., he establishes his own news site but misses the high-stakes stories. When a mysterious package shows up on his porch, Herman dives headfirst into what appears to be an enormous conspiracy. It could also cost him his life.

Caught between a nefarious corporation and a virtuous scientist, Herman must decide if his pursuit of the truth is worth paying the ultimate price. With hit squads dispatched to silence the opposition and unsure of whom he can trust, Herman races to expose the conspiracy before time runs out. Will he become a hero or a statistic?

You'll love this thriller for its relentless suspense and its dark humor.

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