Author | Jeb Bohn | United States

They say that nothing is free. 

Well, I want to give you a taste of my writing and all that I ask for is that you sign up for my newsletter.  You'll get a collection of three short stories and I will contact you once a month with random musings.  It's a win-win and as close to free as anything in life!

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A cynical journalist.
A scientist on the run.
An enigmatic hitman.
A conspiracy that could affect millions.

Disillusioned by corruption, Herman Ingram is a journalist who follows his own rules. After quitting his job at an established Washington, DC newspaper and returning home to North Carolina, Herman receives a mysterious package. The documents inside tell a horrifying story about a government contractor using a breakthrough water treatment process to introduce a strange substance into a major water supply.

Now one scientist is dead and another is on the run, relying on a small group of investigators (including Herman) to help bring this truth to light. With hit teams fanning out across the country to quiet the dissenters, the clock is ticking.

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Random Synapse Misfire

Vol. Two

A night drive.
A vivid dream.
An EAS broadcast that ends prematurely.
Nothing is as it seems.


View life through a distorted mirror and enter a world where the ordinary is anything but.  Headlights growing larger in your rearview.  An emergency broadcast cut short in the midst of a traffic jam.  Your brain stuck in some surreal loop.  Prepare for the unexpected.


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