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Disillusioned by corruption, Herman Ingram is a journalist who follows his own rules. After quitting his job at an established Washington, DC newspaper and returning home to North Carolina, Herman receives a mysterious package. The documents inside tell a horrifying story about a government contractor using a breakthrough water treatment process to introduce a strange substance into a major water supply.

Now one scientist is dead and another is on the run, relying on a small group of investigators (including Herman) to help bring this truth to light. With hit teams fanning out across the country to quiet the dissenters, the clock is ticking. Can Herman put an end to this evil or will he end up a statistic?

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Random Synapse Misfire

Vol. One

A short collection containing three horrific tales of everyday life gone awry...


Hoxie tells the story of a small, midwestern town thrown into terror and chaos after an industrial "accident".


Lights Out follows Lenny, a small-time crook and his crew who find out that some too-good-to-be-true offers are just that...and worse.


The Night Ferry focuses on a small group of travelers who encounter a strange and deadly force while taking the final crossing of the night.


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