Novellas | Jeb Bohn
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Random Synapse Misfire


Vol. One

The horrid and macabre hide in plain sight...
...from an ordinary, Midwestern town... the final ferry of the night...
...nowhere is safe...

Hoxie tells the story of a small, midwestern town thrown into terror and chaos after an industrial "accident".

Lights Out follows Lenny, a small-time crook and his crew who find out that some too-good-to-be-true offers are just that...and worse.

The Night Ferry focuses on a small group of travelers who encounter a strange and deadly force while taking the final crossing of the night.

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Random Synapse Misfire

Vol. Two

A night drive.
A vivid dream.
An EAS broadcast that ends prematurely.
Nothing is as it seems.


View life through a distorted mirror and enter a world where the ordinary is anything but.  Headlights growing larger in your rearview.  An emergency broadcast cut short in the midst of a traffic jam.  Your brain stuck in some surreal loop.  Prepare for the unexpected.


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