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Book One of The Herman Ingram Chronicles

A cynical journalist.
A scientist on the run.
An enigmatic hitman.
A conspiracy that could affect millions.

Disillusioned by corruption, Herman Ingram is a journalist who follows his own rules. After quitting his job at an established Washington, DC newspaper and returning home to North Carolina, Herman receives a mysterious package. The documents inside tell a horrifying story about a government contractor using a breakthrough water treatment process to introduce a strange substance into a major water supply.

Now one scientist is dead and another is on the run, relying on a small group of investigators (including Herman) to help bring this truth to light. With hit teams fanning out across the country to quiet the dissenters, the clock is ticking.

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The Hangman's Soliloquy

Book Two of The Herman Ingram Chronicles

Seven months after the destruction of the Bermuda facility, a QNI facility in Colorado is destroyed. The group responsible hires Herman to document their planned elimination of every remaining QNI installation but, as the group's leader becomes increasingly unstable, Herman must face ugly truths to avoid becoming the evil that he has fought to expose...

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Author Jeb Bohn's upcoming novel Blind Squid
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Blind Squid

A massive storm system is poised to unleash record tornadic activity in the Midwest.  For storm chaser Miles Forsyth, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The Problem?  He's coming unglued, a situation that's worsened by his ketamine-fueled hallucinations.  What will prove to be more destructive: his demons or this monster storm?

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