Renovations and repairs (The Never-ending folly)

Renovations and repairs (The Never-ending folly)

The Devil

We moved into the townhouse in February of 2015. Within the first year, we started noticing water beading up and dripping from the ceiling in the living room, and it was just as fun as you might imagine. Our thoughts immediately turned to mold and rot, not exactly the most uplifting topics on the best of days (unless of course you happen to be Egon Spengler).

The property manager was notified. Repairs were completed. All was well in the world.

Until it wasn't. Again.

The leak returned and was repaired. Rinse and repeat.

The most recent incident has been more severe (pieces of sheetrock falling out) and has taken much longer to be attended to (close to a year off the top of my head), although the last week has seen the old tub ripped out, the major plumbing replaced, and the tub replaced.

Sounds good, eh?

Well, as it turns out, one of the new pipes is set too low to allow space for new sheetrock to be set. The bonus is that the regular maintenance team has been coordinating with a contractor for the fixture and ceiling replacement as well as a plumber for the new pipes. You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen...

Did I mention that I'm working on the sequel novel to Bermuda?

Yeah, not the best environment for focusing on anything in general, let alone writing in specific.

Well, I've rambled enough for now. How about you? What are some home repair issues you faced that turned into drawn out affairs? Leave a comment and share all the fun you had!

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