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Author Jeb Bohn's suspenseful short story The Last Cigarette
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The Last Cigarette


A National Emergency Broadcast overtakes every channel. A nuclear attack against several U.S. cities is imminent and all citizens are urged to take shelter immediately. What goes through your mind?

For Walter Regin, a St. Louis sports reporter, it's his estranged wife and beloved son who are 900 miles away.

Is there any hope? 

Jeb Bohn's horror-thrille short story The Cleaner Comes at Midnight
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The Cleaner Comes at Midnight

A strange sickness has wormed its way through Philadelphia.  Those infected have become homicidally-Inclined maniacs.  One man watches the madness from several stories up in an apartment building.  A cryptic message promises that salvation is on the way to The City of Brotherly Love, but will it be what the survivor expects?

Included in the eBook & paperback versions of The Last Cigarette

Jeb Bohn's Broken Reel, a supernatural short story about grief, loss, and going home
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Broken Reel

Andy Solomon has lost his wife and young son. Wracked by grief, Andy decides to take a drive along a secluded road. The problem is that he doesn't remember leaving his house or getting into his car. During his strange journey, questions start to plague Andy: How did he get here? Why does he keep seeing the same scenery, signs and roadside memorial? Will he be able to solve this riddle, or will he slowly lose his sanity as the loop repeats?

Included in the eBook & paperback versions of The Last Cigarette


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