Jeb Bohn | The Hangman's Soliloquy
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The Hangman's Soliloquy

Seven months have passed since the destruction of QNI's main research facility.


Herman Ingram, the independent journalist who played a large part in exposing the corporation's corruption, has become an anxiety-ridden recluse.

Outside of Colorado Springs, a mysterious caravan enters another QNI facility; within an hour the facility lay in waste.

The man behind this new attack is Greg Schultz, a former QNI employee.  Schultz reaches out to the mysterious Tall Man to assist in his quest to destroy every remaining research facility.  He also uses the Tall Man to bring Herman aboard to document their activity.  Schultz, however, is fighting to maintain a tenuous grasp on his sanity, a battle he seems to be losing.

Tensions grow as the two men feed each other's mental instability and the mission begins to stray from its initial purpose, twisting into something darker.  With groups of hit squads coming for them, will these renegades achieve their goal or will they slip into insanity and become the very evil they set out to destroy?

The sequel to Bermuda, Jeb Bohn's The Hangman's Soliloquy is set for release in November of 2019.



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